Term Time Application Form

Please download and complete application form. You can send it by email, post or simply give us a call.

Notes To Parents

Holiday Clubs Application Forms

Click here to download the Winter Holiday Club Form.

Click here to see general Holiday Clubs policy.

Fees & Policies

We charge a registration fee of £50 for the first child of one family and £25 for siblings. Our fees include healthy mid-session snacks, but parents are asked to provide packed lunches for those children staying over lunchtime. For further information, please see the documents available from our office. Given the flexibility sessions we offer (including Government Funding, where applicable) we would always recommend contacting our office to discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation.

Although the policies and procedures don’t make the most exciting reading – but they are essential for the safe and smooth running of a quality school. Our full set of policies is reviewed and updated every year as changing circumstances and new legislation require. When you book a place for your child we make sure you are aware of, and can access, all our policies and procedures. The key ones of interest to parents are listed below and are available as downloads.

Should you have any questions about these or any other of our policies & procedures, please feel free to ask at the settings or to contact our office.

Click here to view and download all our policies.

Helping your child to settle into our nursery

Please be reassured and try not to worry if your child experiences difficulties - it is a very normal part of a child’s development to be anxious, nervous or angry about starting nursery. We are aware that many parents will find this a difficult and stressful process. We hope that we can use our experience to support you and your child. Please see our settling in guide to help you along.

For more details, please call us on 01403750504.