• Drawing on clipboards
  • Choosing materials
  • Looking for tadpoles at the pond
  • Playing with water and bubbles
  • Mixing paint
  • Practising with buttons
  • Watering a variety of flowers
  • Noisy garden
  • Strengthening fine finger motor skills spraying wall
  • Watering runner beans grown from seed on the allotment
  • Filling a container with water in noisy garden
  • Sorting magnetic letters and shapes together in the quiet room
  • Exploring leaf cabinet and shape and smell of herb leaves
  • Watching and blowing wind mill
  • Watering a variety of flowers
  • Taking turns, using tools, deep concentration
  • Building a snowflake using rods of varying lengths Discovering balance
  • Designing towers
    Understanding size and shape
  • Stability...stacking blocks on a mobile truck
  • Listening to our visitor, The Bee Man with an observation hive!
  • Holiday Club, Block play using ramps and parking lots. Creative design
  • Finger painting with careful precise prints
    and later drew legs on to make spiders!
  • Decorating orange slices for Christmas
    Associating smells with good feelings and celebrations
  • Exploring with a red Rod extension
  • Apple printing with the apples grown in our nursery garden.
  • Planting the tulip bulbs on our allotment.