Parent comments

We have received lots of lovely feedback from our parents about the nursery:

“My son absolutely loves going to preschool and has made many friends since starting seven months ago. His development in numeracy, literacy and practical skills has been incredible. The levels of effort and care put in by all the teachers and management is clear. We are kept really well informed about all aspects of the preschool and get regular updates about the progress our children are making and the activities they have been up to. They have a lovely outdoor space along with an allotment which makes for hands-on learning. I can’t recommend the pre-school enough and will be sending my next child here too!”

“Staff are lovely and very helpful. My daughter loves the nursery, the learning side and the playing side. Would highly recommend this nursery. They are very flexible. The safeguarding is excellent and one of the best nurseries I have found for this.”

“I am so pleased I sent my daughter to Horsham Montessori. She has grown into a confident, kind natured little girl and I believe a big part of this is from the nurturing setting at Montessori and their fantastic teachers. I don’t have a bad word to say about the nursery and sad to say she won’t be going there anymore now she is starting school in September. Thank you for everything you have done for my daughter Horsham Montessori.”

“I couldn’t be happier with the nursery. My daughter has been attending for over a year and my nephew has been attending since January. Both are thriving and absolutely love going. The staff are fantastic, they are approachable, friendly and really work as a team to offer so many great learning opportunities for the children. My daughter is inspired and excited by the variety of relevant topics, she particularly enjoys the special visitors, themed days and celebrations that are covered. As a primary school teacher myself, I am well aware of the importance of communication with parents and Jacky really does go above and beyond. Running regular coffee mornings which are actually far more than just ‘coffee mornings’, she delivers practical, useful and informative presentations to parents based on their feedback which she happily receives. The nursery is providing my daughter with a fantastic start to her education.”

“The Horsham Montessori team are highly-trained professionals who have a deep understanding of how children develop. Their genuinely child-centred approach is innovative and refreshing in an education system that constrains and pigeon-holes children from far too young an age. Our elder son is thriving at school having attended the Montessori for two and a half years, and our younger son loves his sessions there.”

“I feel lucky to have found such a wonderful nursery. Your loving and caring approach towards my son from the moment he started is what makes the nursery an incredibly special place. It really is a pleasure to go to work with the knowledge that my child is in safe, kind and caring hands.”

“This is a nursery school that prepares children for school in a thoughtful manner. All children and parents are fully supported and encouraged with care and love.”

“The staff are incredibly kind and caring, and there is a very calm atmosphere. Children are able to choose from a wide range of resources, and are taught to respect others and listen carefully to the teachers.”

“This nursery is of a truly excellent standard. The staff are caring and professional and understand each of the children so well. Every day there are a variety of activities on offer for the children to participate in, which they love getting involved in. They give the children responsibility to help them grow and develop in the best possible way. They help them to learn to look after themselves, to learn about themselves and the world around them, to interact with others and to show care and respect for everyone and everything. The Montessori activities that they play with everyday stimulate their minds and help them learn through fun and interesting activities. The “quiet room” and the “running room” are great places to play, very clean and well set up. My son attended here for two years and my second son will join this year. I recommend it to everyone as I don’t think you could have a better nursery experience than this.”

“I absolutely love Horsham Montessori! They’re so lovely and genuinely caring. My little one settled in with no problems and gets so excited about going each morning!”

“Good quality education in a happy and safe environment. My son is thriving here and I’d thoroughly recommend this nursery school to any parent.”

“Extremely happy with the setting and my child is always happy to go to nursery. I feel that my child has learned and benefited so much by attending this setting. She has come home with new skills and has even asked to sit on the potty with no training from us.”

“The children are happy in their environment and receive an excellent amount of individual attention as well as interesting and enriching activities.”

“Two of my children have attended the nursery. They have thrived there and flourished under the care of the wonderful staff.”