Saying goodbye to children

We have a tradition at nursery that started many years ago that we call ‘the whoosh’. When children say goodbye to their parents after being dropped-off at nursery, they ‘whoosh’ their parents out of the door. Read more

Jeremy Quin MP visits the nursery

On Friday 14 June 2019, we invited our local MP, Jeremy Quin, to the nursery. Jeremy had a good look around and enjoyed chatting to the children and staff. Read more

We’ve won a gardening competition!

We’re delighted to have won a national competition run by the Montessori St Nicholas training organisation to celebrate how nurseries are using gardening in their Montessori practice. Our prize is two tickets to attend the RHS Chelsea Flower Show! Read more

Changes to our block play area

We have recently made some changes to our main classroom (which we call the “Quiet Room”) to facilitate the children’s block play. Playing with wooden blocks is beneficial for children in many ways, and we have always given the children plenty of space for building in the Quiet Room. Read more

Hydroponic experiments at nursery

We are looking at how plants grow roots at the nursery this term. We have put some bulbs and some dogwood cuttings in water to explore hydroponic methods of growing plants.
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Playing outdoors in winter

It may be winter and seem a bit chilly and damp to adults, but outdoors is still an exciting environment for children. There is so much to stimulate the senses…

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Messy play

Children gain a lot from playing with sensory materials, and often it’s the simpler the better. For example, working with playdough exercises the top half of the fingers and fingertips, which is very important for forming a correct pencil grip later on.

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Out and about

Communication and mark-making are so important for developing literacy. Many of us will be outdoors enjoying the lovely weather at the moment. Why not make the whole experience more exciting by making discoveries and keeping records which can be displayed, discussed and treasured?

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Play, reasoning and learning

At our nursery, we have many activities and apparatus to teach subjects such as numeracy and literacy, but how can we tell what has been learnt? By allowing the child to freely play with as little intervention as possible!

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Teach me to do it myself

Many parents and pre-schools will now be focusing on preparing their children to move on to school. It is one of the many stages of transition that our children experience throughout growing up.
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We’ve won an award!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve won an award! Thanks to our lovely parents who have been reviewing the nursery on, we have won a ‘Top 20 Recommended Nursery (South East England) 2018’ award.
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Little linguists

Since the young Princess Charlotte has started nursery, there has been much publicity about her learning another language. At Horsham Montessori, we have been introducing our children to new languages for many years. We currently teach Chinese and French. Why do we do this? Read more

The Hurried Child

“Hurry up” – How often do we find ourselves saying this phrase? We live in a fast paced life and are constantly responding to phone beeps and other such noises. As adults we have the ability to process things quickly and often all at the same time. Read more

British values

All early years settings have a requirement to promote ‘Fundamental British Values’. This duty is part of the Government’s ‘Prevent’ strategy to reduce radicalisation by teaching acceptance and cooperation to young children. Read more

Free Funding Guidelines for parents

The government are introducing some new ways to help working parents with their childcare costs. We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes, and attending lots of meetings, to find out the best ways to implement the new opportunities at the nursery. Read more

Stop…… Look…… Listen……

We hear this phrase so often in relation to crossing the road, to be aware in health and safety, science lessons, meditation, quality control, auditing, interviewing and many more. …. But how often do we apply it to ourselves as parents? Read more