Why is it best to start nursery at age two?

Two is a very special age. Children begin to have a drive to learn how to do things, to be heard and to ask why? All parents remember this stage!

Two-year-olds love to watch and study older children and adults. They like to look at detail, and begin developing their ability to be calm and concentrate. They do not need to be busy continually, but allowed time to examine and process what is happening.

At a free-flow nursery where the children are able to mix with the older children, they are able to follow their natural instinct to watch older children and explore the activities for themselves.

At a Montessori nursery, the materials are available for the child to access all the time, offering the opportunity for them to learn according to their development stage. This builds confidence, confidence builds concentration, concentration facilitates learning and reasoning.

At Horsham Montessori, we have our registers open for September 2018. It’s best to consider registering now as we can get very full. Parents are very welcome to visit the nursery and discover more about the setting.

“The child’s progress does not depend only on his/her age, but also on being free to look about them.” Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind