Summer Term Newsletter 2017

Well can you believe it…..summer term already. So what is in store for us this term? Firstly… this is a short term check your diaries and pop in the term dates, holidays including bank holidays, coffee mornings, sports day etc. These dates are listed at the end of the Newsletter, on the website and My Montessori Child.

Holiday Club will start immediately after the end of school term. Remember if you book early you will receive discounts on the fees. You can also use childcare vouchers for holiday club activities. Should you need childcare for longer hours, please let us know and we will do all we can to accommodate your request. Please note the Holiday Club booking form has been amended to accommodate a longer holiday, and the minimum number of sessions had been removed.

School Transitioning......

Some of the children will be moving onto School. Transition is an important step and needs care and understanding, as well as preparation. We will do all we can to support you and the children through this move, and will update you regularly. Firstly you should have received by email or post confirmation of which school your child has a place. Please let us know as soon as possible which school you have been allocated. We then invite teachers and support staff from that school to come and visit nursery and observe your child in the learning environment. You do not attend this meeting, there are plenty of other opportunities for you to meet the teachers.

You will have completed a preschool health check form recently. We are waiting to hear from the nurse which dates she will be attending nursery to carry out these checks, and parents are invited to this appointment. If it is not convenient for you to attend then staff will be on hand to support your child.

At some point later in the term, the school will contact you for school settle visits. Please let us know when these are. It helps with the registers. If you cannot attend and would like a teacher there instead, please discuss and we will try to accommodate you.

To help prepare the children, we would request that parents do not enter the quiet room on arrival from now on. Please sign the register and be whooshed away. Should you need more time with your child, then use the noisy room. The teachers will support and settle the children to be independent to hang up coats and bags and register their handprint on their coat peg. We will then settle to an activity.

This system applies to children not going to school as well, the quiet room will be like a classroom. Can we also request that prams are not brought into the quiet room. Thank you. This gives the children more room to support themselves.

Policy Updates

We carefully review our Policies and Guidelines each year, to keep them relevant and up to date. These are available on the website and two important ones that have been updated significantly are attached - the Sun Protection and the Fees and Funding - the rest will be sent out next week.

Fees and Funding

Like many other businesses we too are experiencing increases in costs, and we have therefore had to review our charges. The new charges will take effect from September 2017. There will be an attachment to explain these in detail. A major change is that fees are payable per session, not on an individual hourly rate. This is what most nurseries do. There will still be flexibility in sessions and ad hoc bookings etc, but for accounting systems, registers, and record keeping we will have a consistent format. However under the new charging system, nappies will be included in the fees, school water bottles will be used and can be left at school to be cleaned and refreshed. The registration fee will not change. Childcare vouchers can still be used. There will be a limited number of 30 hour funding for 3 year olds, subject to qualification. This funding will be spread over the whole year for eligible children, including holiday clubs.

Term Topics

It's Summer, therefore Water. This means….lots of spare clothing, wellies, and sun cream. We will observe, play and of water, water in weather, in landforms, animals in water and machines and transport in water, together with water songs and stories. Lots to look forward too. The first week of term has seen the arrival of our eggs…..ready to watch and observe chicks hatching from the eggs. I am sure the children are going to really enjoy this. We will keep you posted on Facebook and My Montessori Child of the developments.

Maternity Leave

As you have probably noticed our lovely Sarah P has been nurturing a baby bump. She will start her maternity leave at the end of the first week of term. I know how much you have appreciated her support and I am sure you will want to wish her the very best. Thankfully she will still be popping into nursery with Kyla, so we will all have a chance to see the new baby soon. Sharon “office” will be here to carry on while Sarah is on maternity leave.

Hoodies and Tee Shirts

As was mentioned at the Spring Party, order forms are available for placing an order for these garments. On the back will be printed all the names of children who are registered with us or going to join us in the year 17. Last year these were very popular, so please collect your order form and place an order as soon as possible.

Statements and Fees

When your payment notices are sent to you. Should you have a query, please send a separate email to Jason or Sharon “office”. They will then be able to answer your query. The payment notices email are on an accounting system that does not respond to return emails.

Sainsbury Vouchers

Please check your purses and bags for any Sainsbury Vouchers…… we need as many as possible to keep the Noisy Room supplied with exciting Equipment.


As we said at the Spring Party, we have a great Facebook page that Maddie updates regularly. Please do ‘like’ it and feel free to add any comments to her posts.


There are 2 events that the nursery is taking part in this summer which you might like to attend. Firstly the ‘Bennetts Field Fun Day’ on Saturday 10th June where Lauren will be providing pony rides. On Sunday 25th June there is a ‘Childcare Show’ taking place at the Drill Hall, Denne Road which is a new event offering information about local childcare options, services and suppliers. The nursery will have a stand at the show and we will be sending out more details soon.

Thank you.

Remember, if there is anything you wish to discuss, not sure of, please book a tea and chat with the senior teachers, we are here to support you in any way we can. Please see the various attachments. Take care, and thank you for being such supportive parents.