Out and about

Communication and mark-making are so important for developing literacy. Many of us will be outdoors enjoying the lovely weather at the moment. Why not make the whole experience more exciting by making discoveries and keeping records which can be displayed, discussed and treasured?

You will need a plain paper exercise book, crayon cake (see below) or chunky chalk, and lots of time. When you are outside, your child can use the book pages to make rubbings of pavements, concrete posts, wooden posts, playground flooring, the tyre markings of your own car, trees of different varieties, or road name letters where the signs are at a child’s height. You can look at the differences in the markings, and use words to describe the textures. You could label the book with simple titles, numbers or dates, and even take a photograph, print it, and stick it in the book. Textures may differ under varying weather conditions. The book will end up quite messy, but embrace this by praising how busy your child has been. Please let it be their work.

Your child may want to talk about their work to family members, and this will enrich their language, knowledge and pre-writing skills.

You can make crayon cake by melting wax crayons left in a foil container in a cooling oven, then broken into pieces when cold. The pieces are easy for a child to hold. Have fun!