Playing outdoors in the winter

Outdoors… what an important classroom!

It may be winter and seem a bit chilly and damp to adults, but outdoors is still an exciting environment for children. There is so much to stimulate the senses:

– Breathing out and making dragon’s breath

– Touching damp and cold items

– Walking in frosty grass and listening to the crunch

– Looking at the sky, and the shades and shapes of the clouds

– Squelching in muddy puddles

– Looking closely at buds forming, shoots forming and early signs of blossom.

These are all stimulating sensory experiences to a child. We are very lucky in our area to have coast, woodland and hills to explore these environments. Research has proven what health benefits there are to being outside, and the educational and fun experiences are priceless.

At the nursery, we have our own secure outside areas as well as a large allotment area on our doorstep. The children enjoy daily walks to the allotment to empty the peelings from our fruit and vegetable snack into our compost bin, and to check on any shoots that are appearing in the soil. We love looking at the different signs of the seasons.